Who’s Who?

Our Team

We have 14 classes, each with a full-time teacher. Class teachers are supported by a team of part-time teachers, who cover their release time; teaching assistants and Higher Level Teaching Assistants. We also have specialist teachers who support pupils with additional needs.

We use specialist music teachers to give all the children the opportunity of learning an instrument.

If you have any queries our office staff (Sally Harvey, Sarah Baxter, Carol Reeve or Lucy Dines) or our business manager (Sarah Beaney) are likely to be able to help, otherwise you may want to talk to our Parent Support Officer (Karen Ruddell).

The building and grounds are kept safe and looking smart by our Site Manager and our Caretaker, aided by the team of cleaners.

At lunchtime the teachers and teaching assistants are supported by a team of Mid-day Meal Supervisors. Lunches are cooked on site by Accent Catering.

Our Deputy Headteacher manages the education and welfare of pupils with additional needs and they are joined on the Senior Leadership Team by the Headteacher.

Staff Plan 2017-8 June 17 (4)

Headteacher     Mrs Diane Moore
Deputy Headteacher     Mrs Heather Grady
KS1 Leader     Mrs Ann Parker
KS2 Leader     Miss Fiona Airey
Literacy Leader (KS2)     Mrs Joanna Wright
Mathematics Leader     Mrs Siobhan Bailey
SENCO     Miss Emily Clifford
Business Manager     Mrs Sarah Beaney
Foundation Stage Caterpillars Teacher: (M-W) Mrs Leanne White
Teacher: (Th-F) Mrs Ali Cohen
    TA: Miss Jodie Lovell 
    Support Teacher: Mrs Penny Taylor (Wed)
  Butterflies Teacher: Miss Beth Riggs
    Cover Supervisor/TA: Mrs Vivienne Gawler
T.A: Miss Sarah Wilkinson
    Support Teacher: Ms Emma Newport
Year 1 Hedgehogs Teacher: Mrs Julia Finnis
    T.A: Miss Catherine Bevan
    Support Teacher: Mrs Penny Taylor (Wed)
  Badgers Teacher: (M-W) Miss Laura Wooltorton
    Teacher: (W-F) Mrs Lisa Bower
    T.A: Mrs Antonia Lockett
Year 2 Ladybirds Teacher: Mrs Janice Lindup
    T.A: Mrs Sue Robertson
    Support Teacher: Mrs Penny Taylor (Tue)
   Bees Teacher: Mrs Ann Parker
    TA: Mrs Valerie Day
TA: Mrs Karen Gardner
    Support Teacher: Ms Emma Newport
Year 3  Lions Teacher:  Mrs Joanna Wright
TA: Mrs Lindsay Crofts
    Support Teacher: Miss Emily Clifford (Tue)
  Tigers Teacher: Mrs Sue O’Dowling
    T.A:  Mrs Trisha Hardy
    Support Teacher: Mrs Carol Gregory (Tue)
Year 4  Dolphins         Teacher: Miss Aine Walsh
    T.A: Miss Natasha Parys
    Support Teacher: Mrs Abi Loader (Wed)
  Turtles Teacher: Miss Julia Butcher
    Cover Supervisor/T.A:  Mrs Diane Speet
    Support Teacher: Mrs Jenny Smith (Wed)
Year 5 Hawks Teacher: Miss Tegan McManus
    Cover Supervisor/T.A Mr Daniel Humphries
    Support Teacher: Mrs Abi Loader (Wed)
  Falcons Teacher: Mrs Ellie Whitehead
    T.A (Dyslexia Specialist) Mrs Wendy Dane
    Support Teacher: Mrs Carol Gregory (Wed)
Year 6 Polar Bears Teacher: Miss Fiona Airey
    TA:  Mrs Rumi McCarthy
    Support Teacher: Ms Emma Newport (Thu)
  Penguins       Teacher: Mrs Siobhan Bailey
    Cover Supervisor/T.A (PE Specialist)  Mrs Sarah Bloodworth
    Support Teacher: Miss Emily Clifford (Thu)
Parent Support Officer:     Mrs Karen Ruddell
Special Support; KS1 Early Intervention RWI/Maths:     Mrs Jane Brooksbank
SEN T.A:     Mrs Janice Watch
 SEN T.A:     Mrs Mell McAllister
 SEN T.A:     Miss Jenny Thorp
Speech & Language T.A:     Mrs Gill Goldsmith
T.A:     Mrs Kamala Gurung
Learning Mentor KS1     Miss Jane Pratten
Learning Mentor KS2     Miss Vikki Kirby
Office Manager     Mrs Sally Harvey
Finance/Admin Assistant     Mrs Carol Reeve
Admin Assistant     Mrs Sarah Baxter
Admin Assistant     Mrs Lucy Dines
Caretaker     Mr Rob Carr
Caretaker     Mr Malcolm Hatcher
Cleaner     Mrs Sonia Stewart
Cleaner     Mrs Ann Axon
Cleaner     Mrs Krishna Rai
Cleaner     Mrs Sobha Rai
Lunchtime Supervisor (First Aid)     Mrs Jan Fullagar
Lunchtime Supervisor (First Aid)     Mrs Christine Finch
Lunchtime Supervisor (First Aid)     Mrs Linda Rand
Lunchtime Supervisor     Mrs Jayne Frudenberg
Lunchtime Supervisor     Mrs Pauline Hill
Lunchtime Supervisor     Ms Tracy McFadden
Lunchtime Supervisor     Mrs Penny Robinson
Lunchtime Supervisor     Mrs Sharron MacKenzie
Breakfast Club Supervisor     Mrs Valerie Day
Breakfast Club     Mrs Jan Fullagar
      Mrs Kirsty McCallum
      Mrs Ann Axon
      Mrs Penny Robinson