The Bible story we have chosen to show the value of Trust is from the book of Exodus, in the Old Testament.

Moses is leading the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt after he had persuaded the reluctant Pharaoh to release them.

However, the Pharaoh changed his mind and sent soldiers in chariots with fast horses to round up the Israelites and take them back to Egypt. Everyone was in a panic! The Israelites looked behind them and saw the soldiers coming closer and closer. They needed to get away. Ahead of them, lay the Red Sea. The Israelites were terrified they were going to die.

“Were there no graves in Egypt?” they demanded of Moses. “Have you bought us here into the desert to die?”

But Moses was not afraid. He trusted that God would save his people.

The pillar of cloud moved behind the people so it stood between them and the Egyptians and brought confusion to Pharaoh’s men.

Then Moses stretched out his hand over the Red Sea and God sent a wind to blow back the waters through the night so that all the Israelites could pass over safely to the other side on dry land.

I doubt that many of us will face such big challenges as Moses did here but it is important to remember to put our trust in God at all times, even during the difficult times. God will be by our side and will give us the strength to get through if we trust in him.

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