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Could you become more involved in Ashford St. Mary’s PTFA?

The PTFA have done a fantastic job raising funds for projects and activities that have enhanced your child‘s experiences at St Mary’s.  Previously, money raised has been used to buy state of the art portable cookers for use in school, playground equipment and improvements,  investments in the school libraries, class treats, theatre group visits and much, much more! We are so grateful to the post holders and wider PTFA supporters for their tireless work over the past few years and are now looking for new people to take on key roles of CHAIRPERSON, SECRETARY AND TREASURER As well as expanding the team of people who support these roles.

Each and every one of you is automatically part of the PTFA because you have a child attending the school or you work in the school.  That is a community of over 600 people! 

The document below outlines the key roles that need filling.  Without these key roles filled the PTFA cannot run.  This means there will be  no Christmas Bazaar or Spring Fair, no year 6 leaving do, no charity Christmas cards  and no funds raised to enhance your child’s wider school experience so please consider whether you are able to potentially fill one of these:

Ashford St. Mary’s Needs You

Ashford St. Mary’s PTFA needs you!