We have 14 classes, each with a full-time teacher. Class teachers are supported by a team of part-time teachers, who cover their release time; teaching assistants and Higher Level Teaching Assistants. We also have specialist teachers who support pupils with additional needs.

We use specialist teachers to give the children the opportunity of learning an instrument as well as French.

If you have any queries our office staff (Sarah Baxter, Sally Harvey, Lucy Dines, Hayley Blythe) or our Business Manager (Sarah Beaney) are likely to be able to help, otherwise you may want to talk to our Parent Support Officer (Karen Ruddell).

Child Protection – our Safeguarding Lead is Miss Fiona Airey, please contact her if you have any concerns regarding the safety of wellbeing of a child.

The building and grounds are kept safe and looking smart by our Site Manager and our Caretaker, aided by the team of cleaners.

At lunchtime the teachers and teaching assistants are supported by a team of Mid-day Meal Supervisors. Lunches are cooked on site by CH&Co.

Extended Leadership Team
Acting HeadteacherMrs Emma Law
Deputy HeadteacherMiss Fiona Airey
Early Years LeadersMrs Leanne White & Mrs Penny Taylor
Lower School Lead (years 1-3)Mrs Ann Parker
Upper School Lead (years 4-6) & Literacy LeaderMrs Joanna Wright
Mathematics LeaderMrs Siobhan Bailey
SENCoMiss Emily Tomkins (Maternity Leave)
SENCoMrs Harsharn Birring (Maternity Cover)
Business ManagerMrs Sarah Beaney
Classroom Staff
EYFSHedgehogsTeacherMrs Leanne White
  TeacherMrs Penny Taylor
  TAMrs Edith Brooks
  SquirrelsTeacherMrs Julia Finnis
 TAMrs Katie Donaldson
TAMr Josh Clift
 Year 1 LeopardsTeacherMrs Janice Lindup
TAMrs Karen Gardner
  TAMrs Jane Brooksbank (Friday, am)
  PanthersTeacherMrs Sue O’Dowling
  TA/Cover SupervisorMrs Vivienne Gawler
 Year 2LadybirdsTeacherMrs Lisa Bower
  TeacherMrs Laura Wooltorton
 TAMrs Antonia Lockett
  TAMs Viktoria Pylypchuk
BeesTeacherMiss Tegan McManus
  TAMiss Natasha Parys
  TAMiss Lisa Goldsmith
 Year 3 TigersTeacherMrs Ann Parker
  TAMrs Anna Clare
  LionsTeacherMiss Sophie Ashdown
TA/Cover SupervisorMrs Sarah Wilkson-Snare
 Year 4Turtles TeacherMrs Siobhan Bailey
 TA/Cover SupervisorMrs Sarah Bloodworth
  TAMiss Cat Bevan
DolphinsTeacherMiss Aine Walsh
  TAMrs Val Day
TAMrs Marketa McDonnell
Year 5HawksTeacherMr Dan Humphreys
 TAMiss Jenny Thorp
  TAMr Joshua Anthony
 FalconsTeacherMiss Julia Butcher
  TAMrs Rumi McCarthy
  TAMs Mell McAllister
 Year 6 Polar BearsTeacherMiss Sam Tallett
TAMrs Lindsay Crofts
  PenguinsTeacherMrs Joanna Wright
 TA/Cover SupervisorMrs Tanya Spiers
  TAMrs Janice Watch
  TAMrs Wendy Dane
 Apprentice TAMr Ryan Williams
Additional Staff
Language and Music Teacher Mrs Lizzie D’Anna
TeacherMrs Dianne Speet
HLTAMiss Katie Webb
Teaching AssistantMrs Tricia Enefer
KS1 Literacy & Maths SupportMrs Jane Brooksbank
SEN TAMrs Janice Watch
SEN TAMs Mell McAlllister
SEN TAMiss Jenny Thorp
SEN TAMiss Lisa Goldsmith
Speech & Language TAMrs Jill Goldsmith
Learning MentorMiss Jane Pratten
TA/Sports CoachMr Josh Clift
LibrarianMrs Trishia Hardy
Family Liaison OfficerMrs Karen Riddell
Admin Staff
Office ManagerMrs Sarah Baxter
Admin AssistantMrs Sally Harvey
Admin AssistantMrs Lucy Dines
Admin AssistantMiss Hayley Blythe
Site & Domestic Staff
Site ManagerMr Dan Rolfe
CaretakerMr Harry Thomas
CleanerMrs Sonia Stewart
CleanerMrs Ann Axon
CleanerMrs Krishna Rai
CleanerMrs Christiana Loader
Lunchtime Supervisors
Lunchtime Supervisor (First Aid)Mrs Jan Fullagar
Lunchtime Supervisor (First Aid) Mrs Linda Rand
Lunchtime Supervisor Mrs Jayne Frudenberg
Lunchtime Supervisor Mrs Pauline Hill
Lunchtime Supervisor Ms Tracy McFadden
Lunchtime Supervisor Miss Vicky Fullagar
Lunchtime Supervisor Miss Laura Pantry
Lunchtime Supervisor Miss Jenny Crompton
Breakfast Club
Breakfast Club SupervisorMrs Valerie Day
Breakfast ClubMrs Jan Fullagar
Breakfast ClubMrs Ann Axon
Breakfast ClubMs Tracy McFadden