Feedback for Parents

 During March, the School Governors along with help from the School Council and Karen Ruddell (Family Liaison Officer) undertook a parent communication survey to test satisfaction from parents with the amount and type of communication they received from the school.

The survey which was available on the school app and at parents evening consisted of 8 questions with the option of adding personal comments.

Overwhelmingly the feedback received was extremely positive.  89% of responses agreed that the school communicates effectively with parents, with 90% stating that is has improved since the introduction of the app.  This is very good news.  However due to technology the App is not supported by Windows mobile phones, which unfortunately is out of the school’s control.

One particular question was disappointing though in its responses.  This was in relation to what support services are available by the Family Liaison Officer (FLO).  35% of replies stated that they did not understand what type of support was on offer.  The FLO role is a vitally important one to children and their families alike and the school is keen to showcase and offer this support where necessary.

To this end, certain recommendations were made by the Governing Body for the school to investigate in order to further improve parent satisfaction and communication.

  • A simple ‘How To Use The App’ guide has now been completed and will be available for parents to view on the parent area of the school’s website. This is also being sent to all current parents on paper to give clarification on its use.
  • The child contact book is an effective form of communication between parents and teachers and all are reminded that it is there to benefit the child’s learning and development, therefore accurate completion is vital to this process.
  • Information around the role of the FLO and the services that Karen Ruddell can offer have now been refreshed for parents to view on the parent area of the school’s website, highlighting the support that is available.
  • Parents are reminded that they can contact the school to make an appointment to see their child’s teacher if they have an issue that they wish to raise or discuss, if they feel the contact book is not the ideal platform to do so initially.

The survey gave the Governing Body an excellent opportunity to see parent satisfaction around communication.  Overall they were very pleased with the results and the feedback received.  The school app has certainly made a significant difference to this, ensuring that information can be released in a much more effective and timely fashion.

To ensure that the school delivers on maintaining and seeking to improve this satisfaction, the Governing Body will undertake the survey next year also.  We would like to extend our thanks to all parents who participated in the survey.

Kellie Day, Emma Douglas and Ian Cooper.

Parent Governors