Ashford St Mary’s is a Church of England Primary School with it’s ethos and values underpinned by the teachings included in the Bible.  In March 2017, pupils, parents, governors and staff voted on the Christian values that would guide everything that happens here. They are







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Collective Worship

Every day at Ashford St Mary’s, children engage in an act of Collective Worship. This is usually the first thing we do each day because it reminds us of God’s love for us all and gives us a good start to the day. Different staff lead the worships and sometimes we have visiting clergy from the local churches as well.

Full details about Collective Worship can be found in the policy here

Children and staff value the opportunity to worship together commenting that “it is a peaceful time when we can think about God”, “it made me feel thankful for what I have”,  “in our busy lives it is a welcome time for reflection”, “the whole atmosphere in the hall was calm and reflective and  when we came back to class the same mood continued throughout the morning”.

At special times of the year we go to St Mary’s Church in Ashford for our worship. This is usually for Harvest Festival, Christmas, Easter and for the Leavers’ Service at the end of the school year. Parents are invited to join us for these services.

Religious Education

All pupils in all year groups benefit from Religious Education lessons as set out in the National Society’s Statement of Entitlement. In our school, children learn about Christianity (through the Understanding Christianity materials) and other world religions (Judaism, Hinduism and Islam) through an enquiry based approach. More information can be found in our RE Policy.