Year 5 Topic 2021 – 2022

Term 1 – Tudors

Term 2 – Fallen Fields

Term 3 – Star Gazer

Term 5 – Alchemy Island

Term 6 – Beast Creator

What is SOLO Taxonomy?

We use SOLO Taxonomy to assess the progress of your children. We believe that this approach involves children in the assessment process; it has led to children becoming more reflective and aware of what they need to do to improve.  Solo is a very visual concept, using symbols and numbers 1-5. The symbols are a simple tool for pupils to confidently tell you where they are in their learning.

The taxonomy helps them to appreciate that there are different stages in the learning process and that understanding something new does not come about instantly. It is designed to make pupils aware of the difference between surface and deep learning, about how they are constructing their own learning and what they need to do to achieve more.

The thinking is that by providing a clear “map” of the learning journey and allowing pupils to decide where they are on it, this will make them more motivated to succeed. Please have a look at the videos below which explain more.