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Compassion means caring for others. These people may not necesarily be our friends or even people who are known to us. Showing compassion to other people helps us to be grateful for what we have and to support those less fortunate than us.

Jesus told the parable of the Good Samaritan when he was asked to explain the commandment “Love your neighbour”

“But who is my neighbour?” asked the man.

“I will tell you a story, “said Jesus. “There was once a man who was walking on the lonely road from Jerusalem to Jericho. He was attacked by some robbers, who stole his money and took his clothes and left him half dead by the side of the road.

Later on, a priest came along the same road. He also saw the wounded man, but did not stop to help.

Some time later a Levite came along the road. He also saw the wounded man but did not stop to help.

Finally a Samaritan came along the road. As soon as he saw the man lying there, he stopped. He bandaged his wounds, he helped him on to his donkey, and took him to an inn. He gave the innkeeper some money, and asked him to look after the injured man till he was well again. “When I return I will give you any more money you need,” he said. ”

Then Jesus asked the man who was listening to the story:

“Who was a good neighbour to the wounded man?”

“The one who helped him,” said the man.

“Go then and do the same,” said Jesus.

The Bible teaches us to care for each other and “clothe youselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience”. (Colossians 3 verse 12)

How we show compassion at Ashford St Mary's

Privilege cards

Jacob is always patient and supportive to his peers.  He is compassionate at all times.

Finley showed perseverance and compassion on a family walk and wrote about it so nicely.

Frank always shows compassion to those who need friendship.  He supports his friends when they are finding things difficult.

Rylie showed compassion to a friend in need who was struggling with his spellings.

Jack helped a younger child at lunch time showing them real compassion.

Esther, without being asked, leapt to help an elderly person whose shopping spilled out across the floor.

Ava showed compassion to another pupil when he got upset during the Harvest worship.

Peaches showed compassion to another pupil by helping them settle into the class.

We collected food for the Ashford Winter Night Shelter

We raised money for Diabetes UK by selling refreshments at the Y3/4 production

Canine Partners is an important charity for us as Miss Airey has an an assistance dog, Verlin, who helps her in school.

When the Mayor and Mayoress came to visit the school they could see compassion and friendship demonstrated by the pupils and sent us this lovely email afterwards

The Mayoress and I thank you for the kind courtesy extended to us and for a wonderful time last Friday. We were captivated by Isobel and Grace because as hosts and guides they were absolutely marvellous. My wife commented to you that they not only demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the school to give us an insight to the incredible teaching that takes place but showed great compassion. We did meet some of the other pupils and we wish to complement on their exemplary behaviour and friendliness. You have a great school and exceptional young people, and we wish all of them every success in all that they do.

With kindest regards

Mayor and Mayoress of Ashford

Winston and Doreen

Parents notice the impact of our Christian values too

Email received from a Reception class parent:

“On Friday night, my little boy who is in Year R, was watching a film and one of the characters helped a creature during one of the scenes.  He immediately said that the character had showed ‘compassion’ and when I asked him to explain this, he did so and subsequently went on to list all 6 of the Christian Values.

I thought this was wonderful considering it is only the start of Term 2 in his first year at St Mary’s – amazing teaching promoting the Values of the school.”

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