Ashford St Mary’s Church of England School is a very special place.

All adults associated with the school take great delight in welcoming children and their families into our Christian community.  We can see so much potential in every child and feel privileged to have jobs which can influence who they will become in the future.

We want every child and adult who passes through our School to look back on their experiences here with great fondness.  We are determined that we will help every child find what it is that they are good at and then help them excel in this.

We want every child to leave this school feeling prepared for the future, with high self-esteem, having forged strong and respectful relationships with other people.  We want the experiences they have at our school to form special memories, which will be with them for the rest of their lives.

We want our children to be fully prepared for God’s ever changing world.


September 2018