Across the school, all children belong to a ‘house’. Siblings are usually in the same house. The houses names are Earth (green), Air (yellow), Fire (red) and Water (blue) which were chosen by the School Council in 2013.

Each house elects a house captain and vice-captain from year 6. This year these are:

Each child collects house points for good effort, good work and good behaviour. Each week the house captains add up the house points gained and announce the week’s winners in assembly and on the newsletter. At the end of each term, the winning house is announced and the members of that house are allowed to wear their house colour t-shirts instead of school uniform for one day. Children may also wear their house colour t-shirt for P.E.

The highlight of the year for inter-house competition is our annual Sports Day. All children compete for their house in field and track events and a winning team is announced for each key stage. Last year KS1 sports day was won by Air and KS2 was won by Water.