Governing Body – 2022/23

Title First Name Surname Governor Type Date of Appointment Date of Re-Appointment End of Office Appointing Body
Mrs Christine Steel Clerk 01/10/2019 ongoing ongoing FGB
Mrs Nicola Hirst Headteacher ongoing ongoing
Mr Bryan Gipps Foundation 20/11/2019 17/11/2023 FGB
Mr Charles Suddards Foundation 02/10/2015 01/10/2019 01/10/2023 PCC
Mr Asif Hussain Authority 02/05/2014 02/05/2018 01/05/2022 Local Authority
Miss Eleanor Warnick Foundation 01/01/2021 01/01/2025 FGB
Miss Aimee Babbs Foundation 07/02/2021 07/02/2025 FGB
Mrs Elizabeth Worthen Foundation 07/02/2021 07/02/2025 FGB
Mrs Joanna Coles Parent 03/02/2022 02/02/2026 FGB
Mrs Sarah Beaney Staff 26/05/2022 26/05/2026 FGB

Governors’ [and Associate Members] Register of Business Interests – Summary Sheet – September 2016

This table summarises the Governors’ [and Associate Members’] declaration forms – which are held in the School Office

Governors Meeting Attendance Record 2018 - 2019

Committee Meeting Attendance Record 2018 - 2019

Governors Meeting Record Sept 17 – July 18

Governors Meeting Attendance Record September 2016 to July 2017

Governor meeting Attendance Record 2017-2018

2022 - 2023

Governor’s name  Interests Declared Other Educational Establishements Relationships to Staff (Inc spouse, partners, relatives)
Mr Asif Hussain None CoG of The Elms Primary School None
Mrs Nicola Hirst Headteacher None None
Mr Charles Suddards None None None
Mr Bryan Gipps None None None
Miss Aimee Babbs None None None
Mrs Elizabeth Worthen None None None
Mrs Eleanor Warnick None None None
Mrs Joanna Coles None None None
Mrs Sarah Beaney None None None

Abbreviations:- HT = Headteacher.  AM = Associate Member

Record of Governing Body