At Ashford St Mary’s, we are strongly committed to ensuring that our children develop a secure understanding of all aspects of the computing curriculum. We plan and teach exciting, inspiring lessons which give the children a sound knowledge of how digital technology works. We also challenge them to solve problems and explore creative ideas using a wide range of programs and equipment.

Reception children learn in small groups, with focussed teaching to familiarise them with the equipment and technology. As they progress through the school, the children learn to understand coding, experiment with animations and create their own complex, interactive resources. By the time they reach Year 5 and 6, we are challenging our pupils to find problems in existing programs and create their own, reflecting on and developing their ideas in detail.

We have a well-resourced ICT suite as well as a range of up-to-date mobile equipment for class-based use. We also have a full-time ICT technician who maintains this at the highest level and supports our children with their learning.

Our children really enjoy their computing sessions and are gaining the confidence and knowledge they need to move forward successfully.