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Incredible Eggs

We are going to hatch some ducklings!

We are so excited to be taking part in the ‘Incredible Eggs’ programme.  Our eggs arrived at school on Tuesday 2nd May.  We will be posting their progress on this page, so please remember to check back on our ducklings progress!  The duckings will leaving us on Friday 12th May and children will have a chance to see them up close in the coming days. The link below takes you to a great website with lots more information about the professional chick and duckling providers

Please click on the images below to enlarge the photographs.

The ducklings are really struggling to walk at the moment as their bodies are massive, but their muscles haven’t  grown enough to support them!  Mrs Moore has told us that the duckings have grown even more over the half-term break – look out for more photos soon!


You may have noticed that the ducklings are no longer at school, and wondered what has happened to them?

You will have seen how quickly they have been growing, they are eating absolutely masses of chick crumbs, and drinking lots of water, so are now about 4 times the size they were when they first hatched.  As they grow, they need more space, so this week they have been spending time out in the spiritual garden, they especially loved it when it rained!

We decided that it was no longer the best thing for them to be inside the school; they are wild birds and need to be in as natural a habitat as possible.  The run out side was okay during the day, but we didn’t want them there over night as it wasn’t big enough to provide them with enough water.  The plan was always for them to come to my house once they had outgrown the school facilities, so they came home with me last night.

I have introduced them to my chicken (who was very surprised to find them in her run) and they instantly thought of her as their mother bird and started following her around.  They have been jumping in puddles, and have settled in very quickly.  

I will keep sending you pictures of them, so you can see how they grow over the next few weeks, and will put a time line on the wall outside my office.

After spending the weekend with Miss Butcher, the duckings have now returned to school, as you can see from the middle photograph, they have learnt a new trick!  After lots of play, they snuggled up together for a long snooze!  Thank you Miss Butcher for taking such good care of them!

On Thursday, all the ducklings were moved to a cardboard box so that their cage could be cleaned out.  They are growing so fast and can often be heard chirping away outside Mrs Moore’s office! The ducklings have spent the weekend at Miss Butcher’s house (class teacher Turtles – we hope they have behaved!   Next week they will be spending a little time with each class.

On Wednesday evening two more duckings hatched; all six duckings are now together, today (Thursday) they have periods when they are very active and then they huddle together to sleep.  

Our duckings have  slept for most of the morning (Wednesday), however, in the afternoon they have been very active and we have heard lots of chirping – we are very proud of them as they have taught themselves to drink water from their bowl, they have also had lots of excited visitors!   Our new duckling is keeping warm in the incubator and will join the others very soon ….

On Wednesday afternoon we had a new arrival – we now have four duckings!

When we left school on Tuesday evening the eggs had started to crack!

Look what we found on Wednesday morning!

The empty egg shells – the children have been so excited at school today, so please do take a look at the Incredible Eggs website for lots more information.